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Alice had gasped when the girl sprang to life suddenly, tearing herself away and stumbling to her feet. Alice’s lips tugged into a frown as she rose to her own feet, raising her hands as the girl flailed around for her gun. The British girl took a slow step away, not wanting to frighten the stranger any more than she already had. She bit at her lip and gave the dark haired girl a second to collect herself before finally speaking in her same gentle tone, “Calm down, dove, I’m not here to hurt you.”

Alice offered a crooked smile and nodded once before reaching down, still keeping eye contact with the killjoy, and carefully withdrew her gun from her hip. With two fingers she delicately placed it on the ground by her feet and held up her hands again. “My name is Atomic Angel and I was on my way back to my camp when I spotted you. You looked rather distressed, so I decided to pull over and help.” Alice chuckled softly and gestured with her thumb towards the dude van. “I know, it’s severely shocking, but just as equally entertaining and even more useful than that.”

Alice pursed her lips together and waited for the killjoy to respond, eyes giving the girl a quick look over. The girl had dark hair and dark eyes, dark tired eyes. It was obvious she was suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion and Alice couldn’t help but want to wrap her in an embrace and pet her hair. The poor thing just looked so worn, regardless of her attempts to look intimidating. A frown played at Alice’s lips. “I have water, if you’d like some.”

She really didn’t have a choice at this point. It was either put all her trust in this woman with the man van or end up dying of something as stupid as dehydration. So lightly nodding her head, she lowered her gun and cautiously approached the girl standing before her. As the concept that she would actually be getting water soon soaked in, her mouth seemed to become even more dry than before. This mysterious chick with the naked dude van was very suddenly becoming her favorite person.

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*Alice had spent her day contemplating going on a quick run for some more food. She knew that supplies were quickly disappearing, and a part of it was her fault, but she constantly reminded herself that what she had done was good. She absolutely adored her group and all of it’s original members, and she’d be very heartbroken if one of them decided to drop out, but her morals were far too strong to ignore. After watching the last bag of chips fade away, she stood up, stole the keys to the dude van from PJ, and went on her way.

It was a simple trip. A good thirty minute drive down to a friend of her’s camp, bargain a bit, then come back. She’d done it multiple times alone and it always went smoothly. It was a completely normal trip again and she was humming along to a song she had heard earlier that day on the radio, tapping her fingers against the wheel of the dude van. Suddenly, she saw a figure sitting along the road and her overly protective mother instinct kicked in and she was instantly pulling off the side of the road.

She rolled down the window and turned off the van to save fuel, peeking out the side, examining the figure. It was a girl with dark hair and an ill expression.* Excuse me, dove, are you okay? *When she didn’t get a response, she bit her lip nervously and hurried out of the vehicle, approaching the girl and kneeling before her.* Dove? Are you with me still? *Her eyes were concerned as she hesitantly reached out and touched her neck, feeling for a pulse.*

*Olivia had been tiptoeing the line between conscious and unconsciousness for some time now. Falling asleep would be beyond dangerous.. The chances of her waking up outweigh any positive outcome. Or Bli could simply snatch her away without a trace and reduce her existence down to nothing more than a lab rat. Even with that knowledge picking at her insides, keeping her eyes open was becoming an extremely difficult task. First she tried focusing her interest on one object, channeling all her attention onto that single thing hoping her own thoughts would be enough to keep her awake. It worked well enough…. For a while. But every moment that passed seemed to attach another weight onto her eyelids. Soon enough she felt her head staring to bob, but at this point she couldn’t find the enthusiasm to care. As she slowly became less and less aware, the low grumbling of an engine met her ears. The possibilities danced in her brain, the mor positive of the two fighting for dominance. Either this was another killjoy, or BLi had found a way to meet back up with her. Maybe came back to catch the strays that got away. A shiver of fear ran through her veins before her thoughts could be clouded over once more. At least they’d give her water back at the headquarters. A few more seconds passed, the motor growing louder with each one.. and then silence. Except instead of banging doors, a soft voice called out to her instead. It sounded almost motherly. Then next thing she knew the voice was in front of her and the soft touch of the girls fingers were on her neck. 

Olivia’s eyes shot open at the feeling as she tried to shift away, which proved to be a huge mistake. Everything began spinning, her vision blurred and she was simply all around confused. Her hands frantically reached around for her gun in some primal instinct to defend herself. Although she had heard the soft voice, she still couldn’t focus in on whoever this was. For all she knew, it could be some scheme set up by Bli to gain her trust. 

Finally her shaky hand came to rest on her gun which did give her some sense of security. But as her eyes came into focus more, the girl before her looked nice enough. But gentle looks didn’t equal immediate trust. Olivia jumped up, trying her best to to shake away the sudden dizziness that took over, and backed away from the girl. ”Who-” She began, but then had to do a double take at this chicks choice of vehicle. The thing was fucking bright pink and covered in naked dudes. Her jaw dropped a tiny bit but as soon as the initial what the fuck factor wore off her gaze immediately returned to the woman. “Who the fuck are you?” 

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*Olivia squinted up at the sky. Fuck the sun. Fuck the heat. Fuck the Dracs. The girl had been wandering through the desert for god knows how long. Her legs hurt, her skin was beginning to burn, and those cuts and bruises along with that particularly nasty burn she had acquired earlier from a raygun stung like hell. Lucky for her the thing must had been going dead, or that burn would had more closely resembled an actual bullet hole… But that didn’t stop the thing from feeling like the devil himself had come up and burnt a scorching kiss onto her arm. 

Of course considering what happened to the others she was one lucky piece of shit. Drac raids are always a bitch. She was actually starting to enjoy that camp too.. But now here she was. Alone again. Aimlessly treading through miles of nothingness with nothing but a gun in hand. If only the sun would go down.. If it weren’t for this heat she could cover more ground and hopefully find a welcoming camp to take her in for a couple of days. At the point she was in desperate need of one. Especially considering she was sweating buckets with no hope of obtaining water anytime soon. Her head now beginning to spin, she mad her last goal of the day to reach the road visible ahead. Hopefully find a shady bush to hide her from the damn sun until night came. Although not the best, it was the only option she had. 

Upon reaching the road she she found a short tree, no leaves and just barely half her height, but after throwing her jacket over the top, it made the perfect little umbrella. And there she sat, a small beetle becoming her only source of entertainment. At least now she’ll make it till night without passing out or some dumb shit like that. Now she just really needed some fucking water.